Foods that may be bad for skin

17:37   12 January, 2022

Regular consumption of sugar negatively affects the health of the skin, said nutritionist Ekaterina Maslova.

According to RIA Novosti, sugar turns collagen fibers in the skin, responsible for its elasticity, into rigid clots. This, according to the specialist, leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Alcohol is also bad for the skin because it dehydrates it. When abusing alcoholic beverages, puffiness and vascular networks appear on the skin.

Another enemy of beautiful skin is gluten, which is contained in rolls, baguettes, pasta, and other products. Lovers of these products can find swelling in the cheek area, age spots, rosacea.

While acne is often caused by dairy products. Many do not digest lactose, which leads to inflammation, said the specialist.

According to her, acne can appear not only on the face, but also on the back and in the decollete area.

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