White bread can be dangerous for brain

09:41   19 January, 2022

White bread can contain trans fats, which can be dangerous for the brain and even lead to the development of dementia, nutritionist Elena Solomatina said.

According to Moscow 24, the expert recommends to carefully study composition when choosing bread. If it contains margarine, it is better to choose other bread.

In addition, white bread contains sugar, which increases the level of glucose in the blood, and this is another reason to give it up.

High cholesterol will create atherosclerotic plaques, and the blood will not be able to circulate properly. Ultimately, this will lead to high blood pressure, while damaged blood vessels will not be able to properly provide oxygen to the blood and brain cells will begin to die off, the doctor explained.

The nutritionist advises giving preference to whole-grain bread, which, unlike white bread, has healthy fiber.

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