How to stay in shape after losing weight?

21:43   19 January, 2022

Many people prone to obesity, having lost extra pounds, relax and quickly regain the lost weight. How to avoid such problem? Endocrinologist Victor Zhilyaev (Russia) shared his advice on this.

According to the specialist, a good motivator in this case can be "before" and "after" photos. Looking at these photos, you will remember where you came from and where you should not go back to.

Another thing to remember is that you should not go back to your previous calorie intake. Instead, you need to pick the right diet that is both healthy and comfortable.

Zhilyaev says that many people stop giving proper attention to the process of eating after losing weight, and this leads to eating more than one needs, enjoying the process less and chewing food worse.

For people who want to maintain their weight, the specialist recommended singling out one meal a day, when it is possible to fully concentrate on the process.

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