What foods reduce the risk of heart attack?

09:45   20 January, 2022

Some foods can be good for the cardiovascular system, and their consumption reduces the risk of heart attack, said nutritionist Lera Lawsky.

According to RIA Novosti, cardiovascular diseases remain the most common cause of death in the world, which is why maintaining healthy blood vessels and controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels are so important.

According to a specialist, it is necessary to consume vitamin C to strengthen the vascular wall. It is most contained in rose hips, sauerkraut, blackcurrants, and kiwi, and all of these foods are recommended to include in the diet, if there are no contraindications for this.

To reduce high cholesterol levels, it is recommended to eat raw onions and garlic daily, as well as B vitamins found in legumes, by-products and wholemeal bread.

Lawsky also advises eating wild-caught red fish, flax seeds and pine nuts at least three times a week. She says the collagen in bone broths is a structural element of vascular walls, and vascular weakness is often attributed to its deficiency.

Magnesium in nuts and seeds helps maintain normal blood pressure levels, so it is also recommended to include these foods in the diet, not forgetting their high caloric content.

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