How to get rid of sugar addiction?

18:43   20 January, 2022

Sugar causes an extremely strong addiction, which is quite difficult to get rid of, said nutritionist Anastasia Tarasko.

She told about how you can get rid of this addiction and switch from sugar to its less harmful substitutes.

According to the expert, in order to maximize health benefits, you should completely abandon (or at least minimize) both refined sugar and its substitutes.

However, if you can't imagine life without sweets, you can switch to harmless sugar substitutes.

"If you really used to eat a lot of sweets - you need to endure a four to six weeks of refusal of sweets: during this time, you rebuild the receptors, the body switches to a different metabolism and really do not want so much sugar," - said the specialist.

After such a period, you can gradually introduce useful types of sweeteners into your diet, but their portions, according to the specialist, should be minimal.

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