Sputnik V more effective against Omicron strain than Pfizer

11:58   21 January, 2022

The Sputnik V vaccine provides better protection against the SARS-CoV-2 omicron strain of coronavirus than the Pfizer product, scientists at the Spallanzani Institute in Italy said.

Their study showed that the Sputnik V vaccine demonstrated twice the titer of neutralizing antibodies to strain B.1.1.529 and 2.6 times the titer of neutralizing antibodies 3 months after vaccination. The Russian vaccine neutralizes the Omicron strain by forming a strong immune response due to high levels of antibodies. 100% of those vaccinated with Sputnik V had antibodies that effectively neutralized the new Omicron strain, compared to 83.3% of people vaccinated with a Pfizer product.

According to experts, this is because a broader spectrum of viral neutralizing antibodies is generated after administration of Companion V, unlike the Pfizer vaccine, which mainly affects specific S-protein epitopes that are highly distorted by mutations in the omiceron strain.

Because 80% of the epitopes in the S-protein recognized by CD8+ T-cells are unaffected by mutations in the omicron strain, Companion V forms a strong and prolonged T-cell immune response and is expected to provide long-lasting protection against severe cases and hospitalizations.

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