Over 60% of those infected with omicron in UK have already tested positive for COVID-19

11:43   28 January, 2022

The Omicron strain has almost completely replaced the delta coronavirus strain and has become the dominant strain in England, said specialists from Imperial College London.

According to Medportal.ru, the incidence data from January 5 to 20 was obtained during the ongoing national study REACT-1, which assesses the incidence rate among the population in England and the factors affecting it.

During this period, specialists conducted more than 100,500 PCR tests, and coronavirus was detected in 4.41% of patients. This is the highest incidence rate since the beginning of the pandemic, and compared to December last year, the number of infected people has tripled.

Selective genomic sequencing of virus samples showed that 99% of patients were infected with omicron, and only 1% with the delta variant. This suggests that the new version has become dominant in England.

Interestingly, 64.6% of those infected with omicron had previously had COVID-19.

At the same time, the number of infected people is gradually decreasing, although it remains consistently high, especially among children and adolescents, which is largely due to the end of school holidays. This leads to an increase in infection among the elderly population as children infect their grandparents.

Despite all this, in the UK they are gradually lifting all restrictions associated with the pandemic and returning to normal life, realizing that they need to learn to coexist with the virus.

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