Three proven, affordable foods that help reduce cancer risk

14:42   5 May, 2022

Oncologist Ivan Karasev, spoke about three "simple and accessible" foods that effectively help reduce cancer risks, MedicForum reported.

"There are simple and accessible foods. It has been scientifically established: regular consumption of certain foods helps reduce the risk of cancer," Ivan Karasev said in his blog.

The doctor noted that one of these products is garlic.

According to him, the consumption of this spicy vegetable in the absence of individual contraindications is considered a useful anti-cancer habit.

Garlic compounds increase protection against cancers such as skin, colon and lung malignancies.

Another tried and true food is broccoli, which has powerful antioxidants. The oncologist says eating it can help prevent breast cancer.

Also the doctor recommends to eat citrus fruits more often. In particular, grapefruits, which contain monoterpenes.

"Monoterpenes help reduce the risk of cancer of all kinds by removing carcinogens from the body."

In turn, the consumption of lemons, oranges, stimulates the activity of lymphocytes - immune system cells that fight cancer cells.

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