Scientists find link between gender of coffee drinkers, method of preparation and cholesterol level

12:40   11 May, 2022

The gender of coffee drinkers and method of preparation may be key factors in linking this flavorful drink to elevated cholesterol levels, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, a study published in the journal Open Heart informs.

The researchers concluded that drinking espresso was associated with the largest difference in cholesterol levels depending on the gender of the drinker, while drinking plunger coffee (coffee made in a plunger coffee pot - ed.) - with the smallest.

Three to five cups of espresso a day increased total cholesterol, especially in men.

Consumption of six or more cups of plunger coffee per day also increased cholesterol, to the same extent in both men and women, and consumption of six or more cups of filtered coffee per day was associated with an increase in total cholesterol in women, but not in men.

Although consumption of instant coffee increased cholesterol levels in both men and women, it did not increase according to the number of cups drunk.

Coffee contains naturally occurring chemicals such as diterpenes, cafestol, which are known to raise blood cholesterol levels.

The results of this study are based on more than 21,080 responses from adults aged 40 and older in a large health survey in the researchers' hometown of Tromso.

Participants were asked how many cups of coffee they drank daily and what kind of coffee they drank.

Blood samples were taken from the participants and height and weight were measured. Participants also provided information about diet, health and lifestyle, including smoking, alcohol consumption and physical activity.

Women drank an average of just under four cups of coffee a day, while men drank nearly five, the data showed.

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