Scientists prove effectiveness of strength training in fight against excess weight

14:43   17 May, 2022

Despite the common belief that aerobic exercise is necessary to lose weight, a study at Edith Cowan University (ECU) conducted at the Physical Medicine Research Institute (EMRI) showed that strength training can also have positive results when combined with a reduction in caloric intake, Medicine and Science reported.

Pedro Lopez, the study's lead author, noted that the results showed that strength training can have a significant effect on fat mass, muscle mass and weight loss.

"Usually when we talk about obesity, body composition or weight loss, we only hear about aerobic exercise. This article shows that we can use strength training and achieve meaningful effects with a calorie reduction diet. We can reduce body fat percentage, whole body fat mass, body weight and BMI," the expert reported.

Lopez noted that it is very important that people struggling with obesity have the opportunity to lose weight not only through aerobic exercise. According to the expert, strength training also takes into account other important factors in weight loss, such as building or maintaining muscle mass.

"The study also showed that strength training is effective in preventing loss of muscle mass while reducing the amount of calories consumed," he said.

 However, Lopez noted that the study was not a comparison between aerobic and weight-bearing exercises. Also, regardless of what people choose, they will also have to reduce their caloric intake.

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