Why can't coronavirus be seasonal virus like flu?

10:41   19 May, 2022

Renowned Russian immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov rejected the assumption that coronavirus may eventually become a seasonal disease like flu.

According to the expert, this is impossible because of the increased pathogenicity of the virus, MedicForum reported.

There is a widespread belief that, like other highly contagious viruses like "Asian" and "Hong Kong" flu, COVID-19 may eventually weaken and become a seasonal disease. That is, it will provoke epidemic outbreaks in different countries in wintertime, as it happens with the flu, and in summer it will annoy people less. However, according to the specialist, this is highly unlikely.

According to the doctor, the point is that COVID-19 has very high pathogenicity, which is much higher than that of seasonal influenza. And even if the most vulnerable people are 100% protected, and 80% of citizens are vaccinated, even this will not reduce the pathogenicity of coronavirus to the numbers observed in influenza.

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