How to fight dramatic facial aging?

09:37   20 May, 2022

Russian dermatologist-cosmetologist Tatiana Ballirano named the causes of facial aging and listed methods to combat the problem, Channel 5 published interview with her.

The dermatologist noted that it is necessary to understand the cause of the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and skin flabbiness before turning to specialists. She explained that aging is most often associated with hormonal imbalance due to thyroid dysfunction during menopause.

The doctor explained that irreversible changes with age occur not only in facial muscles, but also to the skeleton. As an example, she cited rotation of the lower jaw, which affects the facial oval, and bone resorption, where tissue is gradually destroyed. In addition, some of the temporal and zygomatic bones are reduced and the orbits of the eyes are enlarged. As a result, the appearance changes significantly, reported.

The publication's interlocutor admitted that cosmetologists are not always able to solve the problem of rapid deterioration of facial appearance.

"Sometimes we have to refuse the client and send her to plastic surgeons, because due to the rapid aging there is often a large amount of excess tissue," explained Ballirano.  In such cases, syringes and lasers are powerless.

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