What are dangerous effects of ice cream?

13:22   25 June, 2022

Professors Vladimir Khavinson and Svetlana Trofimova presented—on a program of Russia 1 television—the dangerous consequences of eating ice cream.

They noted that ice cream is one of the five foods that shorten life due to the presence of vegetable fats—palm oil and other substitutes—in them, which provoke the development of various illnesses, including cardiovascular diseases, Moskovskii Komsomolets reported

Due to its high sugar content, Ice cream can also impair cognitive function, said Professor Khavinson.

Excess weight is another negative consequence for health, the experts said. When a person intakes excess fat and sugar, his microflora changes and his immune system deteriorates, which can lead to a number of diseases, such as diabetes or cancer, Professor Trofimova warned.

In addition, ice cream is a factor that deepens the development of infectious diseases, concluded Khavinson.

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