Who benefits from being overweight?

17:46   26 June, 2022

Having a certain amount of extra weight sometimes becomes an advantage for health, says well-known Russian physician and cardiologist Dr. Alexander Myasnikov, MedicForum reported.

Dr. Myasnikov named a category of people who benefit from being overweight.

Myasnikov noted that it may be useful for the elderly to have a layer of fat in a non-critical amount. Such a layer of fat provides some protection, whereas weight loss in the elderly body may involve undesirable reactions, since weight loss can be perceived as a disease.

According to a specialist, physical activity becomes the key factor for health when weight is not too serious. The gain of fat tissue in the body may start at a certain age in connection with the hormonal restructuring of the body - it is impossible to get rid of such fat completely. But if a person is physically active, mobile, you can consider that his body has not gained some fat for nothing.

"To keep in shape, I advise to walk more and give the body a feasible load. For example, to climb the stairs yourself", he said.

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