About 13% of Armenia population 16 and over has at least one disease leading to blindness

October 10, 2019  17:29

Eye diseases in Armenia are more common among people who are 50 and over. As reports the Ministry of Healthcare of Armenia, in this age group, 27% have cataract, 6.5% have macular degeneration, 3.5% have glaucoma and 4.4% have diabetic retinopathy. Nearly 13% of the adult population (16 and over) of Armenia have at least one eye disease that can lead to visual impairment.

Since 2000, at the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO), the second Thursday of October is celebrated as World Sight Day.

Based on the data of the WHO, nearly 1.3 billion people have eye disorders, and out of those 1.3 billion, 36 million are visually impaired.

World Sight Day serves as an opportunity to touch upon the issue of visual impairment and eye disorders. This year, thanks to changes made to Decision 318-N of the Government of Armenia, starting from July 4, scleroplasty, keratoplasty and shunting (through the application of the latest and expensive technologies) for beneficiaries with 30.01 and more insecurity points, children under 18, persons with 1st and 2nd degree disabilities, fixed-term compulsory military servicemen and members of deceased military servicemen and several other socially disadvantaged people and people included in special groups and included in the family benefit system, will be free-of-charge and guaranteed by the State.

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