Why is vitamin D important for muscles?

June 29, 2019  18:59

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in muscle cells, scientists from the Institute of Medical Research Westmid said.

Using the example of mice, they found out that the signaling activity of vitamin D is necessary to maintain a normal amount of muscle tissue and muscle strength.

In the course of the study, scientists proved that mice’s muscles without a vitamin D receptor were weak and less developed. Moreover, such mice ran slower, ran a smaller distance and grasped their paws weaker. But at first glance, these animals maintained normal body proportions, however, they had more adipose tissue and less muscles than mice with vitamin D receptors.

Normal muscle tissue should be a moderate level of vitamin D, experts say. This allows the muscles to work properly and maintain their volume.

The results of this study can help develop strategies for treating age-related muscular dystrophy and other diseases by affecting vitamin D receptors.

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