Men who care what others think claim to have penises this big

February 9, 2019  23:45

A new study found that men who care more about social approval tend to say they have penises that are 6 or more inches long.

For their research, published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, scientists used the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale to judge how much men care about the opinions of others. They also had participants self-report the length of their schlongs.

The research team found a high correlation between men who claimed to have double-XLs and those who were particularly concerned with appearing socially desirable.

Only 27 percent of the participants said their guy stood less than 6 inches, while 31 percent of the men said they measured 7 inches or more.

Study authors, who did not verify the lengths of the eggplants, said that this means self-reported health data from men could be largely inaccurate and inflated.

Here’s why: This new self-reported data conflicts with previous studies where researchers did break out the ruler — and the difference adds more than an inch to average penis size.

“The often-repeated statement that the average-size erect penis is 6 to 6.25 inches is probably a myth, based on many studies in which men self-reported penis size,” study author Bruce King, a professor of psychology at Clemson University, told PsyPost.

In studies where researchers hand-measured the members, the average penis length is closer to 5 inches, King said, meaning egos are most likely padding self-measurements.

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Source: New York Post

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