Two sisters die on same day from same diagnosis in different countries

September 19, 2019  18:20

Amanda Williams, 54, and Jacqueline, 57, died on the same day from the same diagnosis. Amanda and Jacqueline were sisters, and on the day of death they were in different countries, Metro reported.

On September 5, Amanda was planning to fly from the English city of Shepshed, county Leicestershire, to the German city of Ingolstadt to visit Jacqueline, who was in critical condition in the hospital.

However, she did not have time to fly away: she became ill on the same day. A nurse on duty found her in an unconscious state, and tried to give her cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Amanda was taken to Glenfield Hospital and connected to a life support unit. However, she soon died of a brain hemorrhage.

On the same day, in Ingolstadt, Jacqueline also died due to a brain hemorrhage.

Amanda’s daughter Kellie Aikens, 34, who had surgery to remove a benign tumour from her brain in February, said: ‘The biggest shock for our family is not just that they are both gone, but how.

The family is arranging with the German authorities to have Jacqueline flown home so the sisters can have a joint funeral at Gilroes Cemetery in Leicester on Monday, September 30.

“We want it to be slightly different. We want it to be a celebration of two amazing lives. We want it to be fun, not sad. We want there to be music and maybe a little dancing, because we know that is what they would have wanted,” she said.

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