Doctor explains why Armenian young woman, 22, cries 'crystal' tears (PHOTOS)

September 23, 2019  11:55

Satenik Kazaryan, a 22-year-old resident of Armenia, cries painful 'crystal' tears after being injured. Every day she takes out from her eyes up to 50 sharp crystals, Mirror reported.

Russian ophthalmologist Tatyana Shilova claims that the case of the girl, of course, is rare, but not the only one. Crystals in the eyes may appear due to genetic or infectious diseases.

“In a tear there are proteins, fats, micro-elements, it has a certain ionic composition. If the salt concentration increases, this "cause the acceleration of crystallisation," she said.

"Proteins in tears can also increase its density.”

When dried, the liquid substrate becomes solid and can even damage the outer surface of the eye. To find out the cause of what is happening, it is necessary to conduct a complete examination of the patient, as well as to examine the crystals themselves.

According to a specialist, a metabolic disorder may also be the cause of this problem. In this case, crystals can form in the liver, kidneys, and settle in organs in the form of salt. This is a dangerous condition that requires research.

The patient, in her turn, said that she had already consulted doctors, but could not make an accurate diagnosis.

“Now my every day has turned into hell,” she said.

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