2 Chinese citizens isolated in Yerevan: One has fever

January 29, 2020  14:52

Two Chinese citizens have been not allowed to cross the Georgian border as they are suspected to have the coronavirus, the head of Department of Epidemiology of Special Dangerous and Airborne diseases Liana Torosyan told reporters on Wednesday.

They were isolated in Yerevan. According to her, there is no reason to believe that any of them is infected with the new Chinese coronavirus. One of the Chinese with a fever undergoes an X-ray examination, which will show if he has pneumonia that develops amid coronavirus infection. The second Chinese has no symptoms, but he was also isolated.

Liana Torosyan noted that the Chinese were in Georgia for two weeks, after which they arrived in Yerevan, so the likelihood that they are infected with a coronavirus is very low. According to experts, the first Chinese most likely has the most common ARVI.

The specialist recalled that currently six Armenians live in China - three students and three people working under the contract. The specialist also noted that all people who come to Armenia from China are checked at the airport, measured by their temperature, after which they establish a 14-day control.

The number of victims of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV in China has reached 132 people, the total number of cases is about 6,000.

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