Coronavirus cases reported in Bahrain, Afghanistan and Kuwait

February 24, 2020  14:00

Cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in Bahrain, Afghanistan and Kuwait. COVID-19 has already been reported in 36 countries.

The first case of infection with a new coronavirus has been recorded in Bahrain, according to the local news agency BNA, citing the health ministry. The patient is a Bahrain national who has arrived from Iran. He and all who contacted him were quarantined at the medical center in Manama under the supervision of a doctors.

The first case of COVID-19 infection has also been reported in Afghanistan. Afghan health ministry said three cases with suspected coronavirus were detected yesterday in Herat province, one of which was confirmed after studies. A state of emergency was declared in the province of Herat.

The first three cases of coronavirus were detected in Kuwait. According to the country's health ministry, all three infected have returned from trips to Iran.

Earlier, the Kuwaiti Civil Aviation Authority announced the suspension of sea and air links with Iran, as well as the evacuation of over 700 of its citizens in connection with the spread of coronavirus.

According to the latest data, 43 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Iran, with eighth people killed. The spread of the virus began in Qom, a pilgrimage site for Shiite Muslims. The majority of those infected are either residents of the city, or went there, the doctors said.

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