Coronavirus death toll reaches 3,119

March 3, 2020  09:31

The death toll from the new coronavirus has reached 3,119. But mortality due to coronavirus-induced pneumonia has steadily decreased in recent days; if there were at least 100 deaths (sometimes nearly 250) in one day, there were only 66 deaths in the past day.

Disease growth rates are also declining. In China, there were only 125 new cases in one day, whereas there were thousands in the past. But the disease continues to grow in South Korea where 477 new cases have been diagnosed in the past day, and the total number of infected has reached 4,812 there. South Korea ranks second in the world in terms of coronavirus patients. Italy is in the third place with 2,036 cases, and Iran is in the fourth place with 1,501 cases.

There have been 2,944 deaths so far due to coronavirus in China, 66 in Iran, 52 in Italy, and 28 in South Korea.

No new case of coronavirus is reported in Armenia, and the only patient, a 29-year-old man who returned from Iran, feels fine. Everyone who has had contact with him is isolated.

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