Coronavirus death toll reaches 3,831

March 9, 2020  09:56

The novel coronavirus has already killed 3,831 people worldwide, the number of infected reaches 110,090, whereas 62,301 people have recovered from this disease.

Deaths from this coronavirus have recently increased again; there have been 334 deaths in the last 48 hours.

There have been 3,120 deaths and 80,738 infections in China since the outbreak of coronavirus in this country. A total of 7,382 people were infected and 53 died in South Korea so far, 7,375 people are infected and 366 have died in Italy, while 6,566 people were infected and 194 people died in Iran.

Although South Korea is in second place in the number of confirmed cases of this infection, the number of related deaths in this country is significantly lower than in the other three countries.

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