To what tragic consequences can chronic rhinitis lead?

May 13, 2022  15:40

Chronic rhinitis can lead to a heart attack or stroke, Vladimir Zaitsev, an otolaryngologist of the highest category and candidate of medical sciences, told URA.RU.

"Chronic rhinitis, in addition to discomfort, contributes to poor ventilation of the brain. A person sleeps poorly, snores, there is a tendency to heart attacks and strokes. He feels broken, headaches, and apathy appear. And it all begins with a common cold, which wasn't treated at the time," said Vladimir Zaitsev.

At the same time, the specialist noted that chronic rhinitis can stay with a person forever.

"This is not a local story, that a person breathes badly for a week, and then everything recovers. If the process has already begun, it will have an escalating nature. It is, sadly, irrevocable, provided the patient doesn't get treatment. Some people think that it is normal to have some nasal discharge, but this is not the case," the specialist said.

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