British experts call for mass lung screening among ever-smokers over 55

September 30, 2022  16:57

Anyone over the age of 55 who has ever smoked a cigarette in their life should have a lung scan for cancer, a national screening body suggests, the Daily Mail reports. 

The UK National Screening Committee (UKNSC) has called for mass screenings to combat the most common cause of cancer death in Britain.

It recommended offering screening to anyone between the ages of 55 and 74 who smokes or has smoked in the past.

Those considered at high risk of developing lung cancer would be offered low-dose CT scans.

About 35,000 people die of lung cancer each year, with about 48,000 diagnosed with the disease, most often caused by smoking. 

Outcomes for patients with lung cancer are invariably poor because cases are often detected late, experts warn.

More than half of people with stage I lung cancer live five or more years after diagnosis. But fewer than five out of 100 patients with stage 4 remain alive five years after diagnosis. 

The recommendation was supported by Cancer Research UK, which called for it to be implemented as soon as possible. 

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