What deadly condition can swollen feet signal?

October 4, 2022  12:01

Swollen feet can signal bladder cancer in its most advanced form, oncologist Andrei Vorobiev told the portal "MedicForum". 

According to the specialist, bladder cancer ranks 11th among the most common types of cancer and ninth among the causes of death from cancer. It occurs when abnormal cells begin to grow and divide uncontrollably. As with many cancers, there are several warning signs of the disease to watch out for.

The oncologist noted that more than 70 percent of cases are superficial, meaning they are located on and do not penetrate the bladder wall, and they can be divided into low- and high-grade malignancy tumors. 

"Superficial tumors of low grade malignancy are rarely serious, although they can cause unpleasant symptoms and have a high chance of recurrence. High-grade malignancy tumors have a much higher risk of progression to muscle-invasive disease, which is a much more serious disease and requires more invasive treatment," the doctor said.

Some of the initial symptoms to look out for are:

·   Blood in the urine

·   Pain - usually a burning sensation when urinating

·   Lower back or abdominal pain

·   Frequent urination

These symptoms can often also be associated with a number of less serious non-cancerous conditions. However, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to see your general practitioner.

If your bladder cancer has reached an advanced stage and has spread, you may experience a different set of symptoms.

·    Pelvic pain   

·    Bone pain     

·    Unintentional weight loss   

·    Severe swelling of the legs

 The most common cause of bladder cancer is tobacco smoke, the specialist added. 

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