Ministry of Health Specialist: State provides the latest generation of drugs to treat childhood epilepsy

December 9, 2022  15:20

The medications for epilepsy in Armenia are provided by the state by 100%, and from 2020 the list of drugs for children aged 0-18 will include the latest generation drugs. This was announced today, December 9, at a press conference by Marina Harutyunyan, Head of the Department of Medicine Policy and Medical Technologies of the Ministry of Healthcare, presenting what diseases are provided by the state in Armenia.

He mentioned that mental disorders are also among the diseases with 100% drug coverage by the state, for which there are "drugs included in the main and secondary treatment recommendations."

The specialist added that the state reimburses 85 percent of the amount of drugs given to patients with chronic kidney failure under the dialysis program. The state provides 100 percent of the medications for patients with phenylketonuria.

"Patients with respiratory disorders of premature infants are provided 100 percent of the appropriate medications. In the case of viral hepatitis C, thousands of patients are provided with appropriate medication each year. Medications are also free for tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency disease."

Marina Harutyunyan informed that in 2022, the Ministry of Healthcare provided free medication for 12 diseases, 10 of which were 100 percent and the other two 85 percent. In 2022, about 4 billion drams have been allocated for drug provision. The number of project beneficiaries is about 171 thousand people.

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