100-year-old woman reveals simple secret of her longevity

February 1, 2023  19:16

A Virginia resident celebrated her 100th birthday and revealed the secret of her longevity.

According to WVVA, Betty Kelly celebrated her birthday Jan. 30 with family and friends. The woman is held in high esteem by the residents of Kezwell because of the many things she has done for her town. It was through Kelly's efforts that the Heritage Hall boarding house for the elderly was opened, where she herself now resides.

Speaking of the secret of her longevity, the 100-year-old birthday girl named the easiest way to live longer that she herself has used. "You have to not die," Kelly joked.

A big party was held at Heritage Hall on Sunday, Jan. 29, in honor of the long-lived woman, with more than 40 of her family, friends and former colleagues in attendance.

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