Armenia gets $780,000 grant to fight diabetes complications

May 14, 2024  17:07

The program of the Armenian EyeCare Project Charitable Foundation and the Ministry of Health of Armenia, aimed at the implementation of the diabetes strategy and the prevention of diabetes-related blindness in Armenia, has received a grant from the World Diabetes Foundation (Denmark).

Representatives of the World Diabetes Foundation arrived in Armenia in order to announce the start of this program. They visited Armavir Province today, with the representatives of the Ministry of Health of Armenia and the Armenian EyeCare Project, to get acquainted with some important components of the program.

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In particular, in-depth eye examinations and diagnostics using artificial intelligence are carried out at the Armavir provincial clinic of the Armenian EyeCare Project. Within the framework of the aforesaid program, a glycolyzed hemoglobin test is also carried out for people with diabetes, thanks to which the management of the patient's diabetes in the last few months is evaluated. In the Mobile Eye Hospital of the Armenian EyeCare Project, the patients with eye problems undergo an in-depth examination and receive laser and surgical treatment.

From 2024 to 2027, more than 40,000 residents, including those forcibly displaced from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), will undergo eye examinations, thousands of patients will be treated with laser eye treatments, surgeries, a diabetic foot screening program will be conducted for the first time in Armenia, 60 provincial medical institutions will be equipped with respective equipment, training for medical workers will be organized, diabetes and clinical protocols and other documents for the management of its complications, and diabetes schools will be established in the provinces.

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