“Together to healthy nation” – 4th International Medical Congress of Armenia to take place in Yerevan

May 12, 2015  18:42

The 4th International Medical Congress of Armenia will take place on July 2-4 in Yerevan. As Health Care, Maternity and Childhood Committee Chair Ara Babloyan told NEWS.am Medicine, the Congress will have two main directions -- рeproductology and prevention and treatment of diseases that lead to premature death, like cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

According to Mr. Babloyan, the Congress will take place in the centennial anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and for a nation that has gone through a Genocide, it’s important to ensure its reproductive health and increase life expectancy, so these topics will be in the center of everyone’s attention during the Congress with the slogan “Together to healthy nation”.

Diseases that lead to premature death (like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer) are rather common in Armenia because of the unhealthy lifestyle many Armenians lead, so, as Mr. Babloyan said, for the participants of the Congress it’s also very important to find ways to introduce healthy lifestyle in Armenia.

The International Medical Congress of Armenia has a very long history, which started even before declaration of independence of Armenia. Back then the Congresses took place outside Armenia, but now they they are organized once in 4 years in Armenia, too.

The Congress will be held under the patronage of the First Lady of Armenia Rita Sargsyan and sponsored by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Diaspora.

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