Second Session of the “Combating Gender-Biased Sex Selection in Armenia” Project Steering Committee

March 4, 2016  22:31

To celebrate the International Women’s Day, the Second Session of the “Combating Gender-Biased Sex Selection in Armenia” Project Steering Committee will be convened to present the current state of affairs regarding sex selection in Armenia; the summary of project activities implemented as of March, 2016; as well as the project achievements and lessons learnt. In addition, partner organizations will present their initiatives targeting gender-biased sex selection, and the issue of coordination and synergy will be discussed.

The session will take place at Nairi Hall of Ani Plaza Hotel on 9 March, 2016, from 14:00 to 16:00.

Since May 2015, the International Center for Human Development (ICHD) in partnership with the Stichting Save the Children Nederland (STC Netherlands), Armavir Development Centre (ADC), Martuni Women’s Community Council (MWCC) and Save the Children (STC) International has been implementing the project “Combating Gender-Biased Sex Selection in Armenia”, funded by the European Commission.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a reduction of gender-biased sex selection in Armenia. The project will result in at least 15% positive change in knowledge, attitude and perception of target population groups toward gender-biased sex selection, and at least a 10% reduction in the number of sex-selective abortions.

This impact will be consolidated through three major results: local CSOs, community leaders and authorities are equipped with knowledge and skills and have understanding of the negative consequences of gender-biased sex selection; positive change in public perception and attitude towards gender-biased sex selection is achieved; and policy framework is effective in prevention of gender-biased sex selection.

The project envisages achieving its three specific objectives through a sequence of interlinked activities, including policy analysis and advice, research, institutional capacity building, training, awareness raising and advocacy campaign.




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