Newly discovered chewing gum could detect cancer disease

April 13, 2017  14:34

A chewing gum is being developed by a company known as Volatile Analysis could identify whether a person has cancer. The said gum that could save life will soon be available.

Fox News reports that the gum soaks up "volatiles" in the saliva of individuals as they chew it. Then, the chewed gum is examined to know whether it has chemicals inside the body that could lead to cancer.

Katherine Bazemore, the president and CEO of Volatile Analysis, said inside the body there are chemicals known as volatile organic compounds that are being generated. These are distinct to every type of cancer. The doctors then could tell which type of cancer a patient has by knowing which of those compounds are found in the chewed gum.

With the newly discovered chewing gum, the patients do not need any more blood tests or urine analysis. Meanwhile, chewing is very effective as it stays in the mouth for a longer period and strong enough to endure testing.

Volatile Analysis Corporation is based in Alabama in the United States. It was established in March 2007. The company's goal is to use volatile chemicals to determine disease states referred to as metabolomics. It focuses on odor identification, aroma-based product development. It also aims to deliver specialized expertise in the field of sensory and analytical to accomplish this mission.

Its research department works on determining the trace level volatile signatures that are associated with disease identification and assessing and establishing new inventions in the field of trace level chemical analysis tools. The company is continually producing and creating novel products and technologies to aid the scientific community resolve issues of humans today particularly the health condition.

Meanwhile, volatiles also referred to as volatile organic compound (VOCs) are organic chemicals that involve human-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds. These chemicals have an increased rate of vapor pressure in usual room temperature. These are universal, abundant and varied. The scents or odors have VOCs. They also play a significant role between plants and messaged from plants to animals. However, some of them are harmful to the health of humans and to the environment, too.

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