Mother, 25, left with 'square' breasts after 'botched' implants

April 20, 2017  22:35

A mother-of-two whose 'botched' boob job left her with excruciatingly painful 'square' breasts says she's still too embarrassed to let her husband even after corrective surgery.

Ex-military chef Katy Jones, 25, from Nottingham, splashed £5,000 on boosting her chest from a B to a D cup in March 2010, but by June that year she was forced to wear a 'heavy duty' bra constantly after finding the implants had 'come loose' inside her.

Katy says Harley Medical Group - the clinic at the centre of a faulty breast implant scandal - offered her free corrective surgery three years later, but despite being a newlywed Katy says she was still too self-conscious to be intimate with her husband because the implants once again started to flip over.

Katy, who now fears her implants are leaking and says her breasts have a bizarre 'square' shape', says she's been told removing them will leave her with the 'chest of a 70-year-old' - and calls the surgery the 'worst decision I've ever made'.  

Katy, who has always been self-conscious about her breasts after years of bullying, says she was initially thrilled with the results of her operation in 2010, but that now she has less confidence than ever.

'When I first had the operation, I felt amazing. I'd go out wearing low-cut tops and feeling great about it,' she said.

But within three months she was in constant pain and forced to wear reinforced bras to support her chest.

Three years later she was allegedly offered a free corrective operation by Harley Medical Group, which saw her breasts boosted further to an F cup. 

But the problem persisted and Katy says she remains too mortified to be intimate with her husband.  

'Now, I have to wear a huge heavy-duty bra 24/7 and I feel like I've just been left to deal with the consequences of mistakes made,' Katy said. 

'I've been left with sagging boobs that have gone rippled, which isn't meant to happen until ten years in. It's only been three and a half years.

'I can't be intimate with my husband because I'm so self-conscious about them. It affects him too.

'And when I'm running around after the kids, it's uncomfortable to bend down.

'I work behind a kiosk in a shop now and when I have to bend down to pick things up, I have to hold my chest to stop the implants flipping over.

'I bet the customers think "why is she holding her boobs?".'

Katy says she has to try to 'turn' the implants herself when they flip inside her chest, causing sharp, shooting pains.  

'When they flip I get a sharp shooting pain in my chest and I have to try and turn them over myself,' she said. 

'Since the corrective surgery, when I went up to an F-cup, they have sagged and I'd say that now they're about a DD.

'They're definitely getting smaller and I have to keep getting measured because they've changed.

'That's worried me as well because I'm scared they're leaking or that they'll rupture.'

Katy contacted Harley Medical Group about the outcome of her surgery, but claims she was told nothing else could be done.

Harley Medical were hit by scandal in 2012 when they went into administration to avoid the possible multi-million pound payout in legal fees to around 1,700 women who claimed to have suffered faulty implants.

Katy is so concerned about her health and appearance that she tried to contact the NHS to see if they could help.

Katy said: 'I spoke to a man from Harley Medical Group and they sent me a letter in the post saying that they have changed to a limited company so they cannot help anymore.

'I've even spoken to the NHS about removing them but they said if they take them out, my chest would be left looking like a 70-year-old's.

'I can't afford to pay £5,500 to have another operation - especially if there's a risk the same thing could happen for a third time. I have a mortgage to pay.'

After spending her teens being bullied about her boobs and finally being able to afford the surgery, Katy decided to use Harley Medical Group. 

'I'd always been embarrassed by my boobs. I used to get bullied about them when I was growing up.

'When I was in the military, I had a boyfriend and I couldn't let him touch me because I hated my chest so much.

'In the RAF, I didn't have anything to spend my money on so when I left I decided to get the surgery.

'I've had nothing but problems with them and I purposely chose to have them in the UK because we are supposed to have some of the best surgeons.

'My mum had hers done abroad and they are perfect. Hers were cheaper than mine as well.

'I have suffered with post-natal depression and I think it was partly brought on by the surgery.

'I'm a bit better now but I guess that's because I've just had to come to terms with the fact I have got these for life and there's nothing I can do.'

A spokesperson for The Harley Medical Group said: 'The Harley Medical Group is committed to providing the best possible levels of care and service to our clients.

'We are unable to comment on individual cases, however we are in touch Mrs Jones and are in the process of reviewing her case.' 

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