Scientists found baked goods and lack of sleep to be more dangerous than alcohol

April 22, 2024  17:25

Sleep deprivation and poor diets can be as dangerous to your health as alcohol addiction, warn scientists from the University of Southern California. Their research shows that lack of sleep and drinking fizzy drinks can cause serious problems similar to the effects of alcohol poisoning, Science Direct reports.

The experts found that certain types of junk foods, including fatty baked goods, have even more damaging effects on the body than alcohol. Experiments on animals showed that consumption of such foods led to excess weight gain and deterioration of cognitive functions, including memory.

Scientists warn that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to the development of serious diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver. Signs can include common stomach aches and feeling tired.

This study emphasises the importance of following a healthy lifestyle and monitoring what you eat and how much you sleep. Eating foods high in trans fatty acids and not getting enough sleep can lead to overweight and obesity, increasing the risk of serious diseases.

Poor diet is a generalised term that can be used to describe eating habits that include foods high in saturated fat or simple carbohydrates, such as fatty baked goods, sweets and fizzy drinks.

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