The Conversation: Keeping bread in the fridge improves its health benefits

April 30, 2024  17:37

Keeping bread in the fridge keeps it healthy because the temperature affects the bioavailability of starch and blood sugar levels, writes The Conversation.

When baked, starch turns into a semi-solid gel, which is easier for the body to digest. However, when the bread is cooled, the gel becomes solid again, making it harder for cells to access the glucose it contains.

Studies have shown that storing bread in the freezer can prevent spikes in blood sugar and insulin, reducing the risk of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease.

Methods of defrosting and toasting bread, such as using a microwave, toaster or frying pan, can also reduce glucose levels in the body. Freezing, defrosting and then toasting bread is particularly effective and can reduce glucose levels by up to 39 per cent of participants in the experiment.

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