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Which harmful habits interfere with sleep at night?

July 8, 2024  14:51

In order to ensure a normal quality of sleep at night, one should refrain from alcohol consumption, spicy and sweet food, as well as cardio exercises, Dr Ankit Parekh, an assistant professor of sleep medicine in the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (USA) told DailyMail.com.

According to the doctor, eating late—i.e. after 8pm—can cause weight gain and increase the risk of obesity. The wrong dinner can also make sleep worse.

Parekh explained that eating spicy or greasy food a few hours before bedtime can lead to stomach upset known as heartburn. The reason is that lying down too early after eating contributes to the fact that the contents of the stomach pass into the esophagus and cause clinical symptoms: belching, pain, and heartburn in the chest.

It is also recommended to give up sweets and alcohol a few hours before going to sleep. These foods and drinks have a stimulating effect, which can make it difficult to fall asleep and lead to frequent awakenings at night. That is why Parekh advises to give up coffee. Its stimulating, "energizing" effect is long-lasting, and it lasts for about six hours after use.

The doctor emphasized that it is necessary to maintain physical activity after 7pm. In particular, you should avoid cardio exercises, which are aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. Running, swimming, cycling, and intense aerobics increase heart rate and body temperature, which has a positive effect on overall health, but can make it difficult to sleep.

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