Test: What is your risk of mouth cancer?

January 9, 2018  11:47

This simple test can help you determine your risk of developing mouth cancer.

1. What is your smoking status?

a. Heavy smoker

b. Moderate

c. Ex-smoker

d. Never smoker

2. How much alcohol do you drink in a week?

a. 14+ units

b. 6-13 units

c. 1-5 units

d. Do not drink

3. How often do you have oral sex?

a. Daily

b. Weekly

c. Monthly

d. Annually or less

4. How many portions of fish, fruit and vegetable do you have a day?

a. 0

b. 1-4

c. 5-9

d. 10+

5. Do you use smokeless tobacco or chewing tobacco (paan, gutkha, betel nut)?

a. Yes, often

b. Yes, occasionally

c. Ex-user

d. Never user

Scorecard: A = 10 points | B = 7 points | C = 3 points | D = 1 points 

Your mouth cancer risk is….

0-5 – Low 

You seem to live a healthy lifestyle and are at low risk of developing mouth cancer. 

Risk is not totally diminished though so it is advised that you maintain regular visits to the dentist, as often as they recommend. 

6-20 – Moderate 

Your risk of mouth cancer is relatively low but you could improve elements of your lifestyle to reduce your risk further. 

Try to reduce some habits, visit the dentist regularly and be alert to any unusual changes in the mouth.

21-30 – Considerable 

You could be at risk of mouth cancer due to frequently exposing yourself to a number of lifestyle choices associated with the disease. 

Cut down on these and try to improve your diet. Visit the dentist regularly and be more active in performing self-checks at home. 

31-50 – High 

You could be at extreme risk of developing mouth cancer. It is important that you try to improve your health by adopting a healthier lifestyle. 

You might need more regular dental appointments due to your current choices and it is highly advised you begin a routine of self-examining your mouth at home for anything out of the ordinary. 

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