December 5, 2018  23:45

With gift guides for romantic weekends that top the $4,000 mark, it’s easy to see how Gwyneth Paltrow has grown her lifestyle brand, Goop, into a business estimated to be worth a whopping €210million.

That’s right, you can stick to your vegan principles and enjoy all the sensual products that Gwyneth has on offer, and it’ll only cost you a smidgen over $4,000.

They say you can’t put a price on love… but Gwyneth has definitely given it a good shot with her gift guide that features on her lifestyle website.

So for that kind of price tag, what exactly can this range of gifts deliver? Well, in their own words, Goop promises everything ‘from an aphrodisiac, hibiscus-spiked massage oil and sleekly packaged condoms to a vibrator made of pure gold, these five clean, nontoxic essentials are virtually guaranteed to ignite and/or re-energize sexual vibes.’

Let’s get a closer look at the products… they really make last year’s €30,000 gold encrusted teddy bear seem affordable…

Starting off, there’s the Balmyard Beauty Romantic Call Body Oil ($82) boasts antioxidant coconut, shea, sweet almond, and hibiscus-seed oils, and is designed to leave your skin soft and glowy.

Second on the list is the Betony Vernon Marabou Pleasure Puff Ring, detailed with intricate marabou feathers and is listed at just $673.

Moving on to the most affordable (and possibly most practical) item, the Maude Rise Condoms 10-Pack, which is 100% natural latex, costs a mere $12.

Then there is the Unbound Jelly lubricant, made from 95% organic ingredients, they claim it is sure to leave an appealing smell as it is scented with vanilla.

The main event is indeed pure indulgence – and at an eye-watering $3,490 it had better be good – the Lelo Olga sex toy consists of 24-karat gold and warms to your body temperature when in use.

It begs the question, does a $3,490 vibrator leave you any more satisfied than a regular vibrator? I guess we’ll just have to ask Gwyneth.



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