Woman left with a ‘triple butt’ after botched implants shuns corrective surgery as she wants a baby

March 8, 2019  17:32

A COSPLAYER is pleading with surgeons to fix her ‘bubble butt’ after her bottom implants flipped leaving her with a misshapen behind.

Imani is the latest person to appear on E!’s Botched, as she revealed her lumpy bottom to doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nasif.

She revealed trouble began around six to eight months after she had bottom implants inserted.

Imani said: "I have a triple butt almost with these lumps you can see from the side profile.

"There's like an indentation and I want my butt to look nice."

Imani, who appeared on the show with her husband, revealed if she sat down “the wrong way” her implant would flip.

When she consulted her original surgeon over the complications she was having, she was shocked when he simply told her to ‘flip it back’.

Seemingly moving with a mind of their own, she says they’ve been "flipping and flipping and flipping ever since."

Imani, who is an avid cosplayer, hoped the doctors would be able to fix her wonky backside and give her the Wonder Woman shape she’s always desired.

But when examining her, Dr Dubrow said: “Buttock implants probably have the highest complication rate of any procedure.

"In my opinion, implants should be a choice of last resort."

As they brainstormed ideas to fix Imani’s implants, Dr Dubrow revealed "a multi-stage series of procedures" was likely her best option, which could take two years.

But the time frame was too long for Imani, who hoped to have a baby in the near future.

In the end she decided against corrective surgery, saying: "I think it's best for me to just go ahead and start the family.

"But I do look forward to seeing Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow couple years down the line."

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