Bride, 42, died from a mystery illness just SIX days after wedding – leaving her devastated daughters searching for answers

March 13, 2019  10:46

Nicola, from London, and her new husband reunited 10 years ago after dating when they were teenagers, and Jason proposed in 2016, with the pair tying the knot two years later.

Despite their earlier split, Nicola insisted Jason was always the man for her - with her daughter Rebecca Jones saying: “She told her friend that he was the man she was going to marry, even at that young age.

“Mum told us all that she had found her soul mate in Jason.”

The pair jetted off to the Canary Islands for their honeymoon after tying the knot last September 8, but she died on the 13th - two days after they left the UK.

Six months after her death and two autopsies later, her family are no closer to finding out what took Nicola’s life, and are demanding answers.

Nicola’s daughter, Rebecca, from Hatton Cross, was a bridesmaid at her mum’s wedding along with her sister, Rhiannon, and claims her mum felt unwell as they prepared to jet off to Fuerteventura.

But Rebecca, 23, says her mum didn’t think it was anything serious, and sent an excited photo to her daughters as she got ready for the honeymoon.

The assistant manager told the Daily Mail: “She was a feisty character who when passionate about something, would put her all into it.

“She was definitely a people’s person who could single-handedly fill a room and had a great sense of humour. “

After arriving at her honeymoon, things took a turn for the worse when Nicola, a project coordinator for charity the Shelter Project Hounslow, began coughing up blood.

Rebecca said: “That afternoon she started to bring up blood and visited the local clinic, where she was told she was dehydrated and had a urine infection.”

She was put on an IV drip and discharged that evening, after feeling better.

The next day Nicola seemed in better spirits and told her daughters she going to soak up some sun, but by that afternoon she felt unwell again and knew something was wrong.

She asked her daughter, Rhiannon, 24, to book her a flight saying she wanted to come home.

On the plane back to Gatwick on the morning of the 13th, Nicola collapsed mid-flight.

Rebecca said: “The plane never made it home and was diverted to Portugal instead.

“Mid-flight, Mum was feeling very unwell, proceeded to collapse and was again bringing up blood.

“She was unresponsive so the plane was diverted to Porto and unfortunately she passed away on the descent to Porto airport.”

The suddenness of her death has hit the family hard, as Nicola was otherwise in good health.

Rebecca said: “She was very well before she died which is why it has been such a huge shock to our family.

“Everyone has struggled greatly with mum's passing as we virtually saw each other every day,' she said.

“Due to the suddenness of mum's death, we are all still very much in shock and are still looking for some form of closure.”

Her daughters call Jason every week to check how he’s coping with the sudden loss of his new wife.

So far two autopsies have been carried out, one in Portugal and a second in Britain, but both have been inconclusive.

An inquest is now scheduled for March 19 to determine what happened, but Rebecca said it is “prolonging the pain of her passing even more”.

As the family look for answers, they’ve arranged a charity event on the one-year anniversary of her death this September, raising funds for the Shelter Project Hounslow, where Nicola worked.

Praising her mother’s charity work, Rebecca said: “She dedicated her life to helping others and over the last two years she ran a local homeless charity.

"She would spend all her free time with us, holding fun evenings such as Christmas in June, a casino night and so many more.”

The family have also set up a GoFundMe page in their mother’s memory.

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