20-year-old Armenia woman gives birth to naturally conceived triplets

May 4, 2019  13:43

YEREVAN. – A 20-year-old student from Armenia gave birth to naturally conceived triplets – two girls and a boy.

Children were born on April 19 by cesarean section at the Research Center of Maternal and Child Health Protection. All three children have “N” names – Nare, Narek and Narine. Children weighed 1,710, 1,750 and 1,800 grams.

Triplets remain in an intensive care unit, and will be discharged as soon as they gain weight.
Talking to NEWS.am Medicine, 20-year-old Elvina Gabrielyan said her pregnancy was a surprise, and more surprising was that she is expecting triplets. Since the pregnancy was complicated, the young woman was transported to Yerevan.

Elvina says she was happy to know that she will have triplets, although she realizes that it will be quite difficult for a young family, as the pair has elder son Manuk who is 18 months old.
The young woman is a student at the Armenian State Pedagogical University and will be hardly able to find job in the near future. Her husband does not have permanent job, and the young family will be happy to receive any assistance.

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