Scientists find easy way to reduce pain in women with primary dysmenorrhea

July 8, 2019  09:37

An international team of researchers was able to identify an easy way to deal with pain in women with primary dysmenorrhea, Contemporary Clinical Trials reported

The study involved 70 women aged from 18 to 43 years. Volunteers were divided into two groups. Women from the first group on the very next day after the end of the “critical days” were to do aerobic exercises. So, three times a week for a month, they had to run on a treadmill under the supervision of specialists. Further classes were continued independently, and lasted another six months.

Participants from the second group were supposed to lead a normal life.

As a result, after the first four weeks of training, subjects from the first group reported a decrease in menstrual pain. This indicator, in comparison with the control group, decreased by 6%, and six months later reached 22%.

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