Baby refuses to drink mother’s milk and save her life

July 9, 2019  12:00

Little Dougie did not want to drink milk from the right breast of 37-year-old Joanne Carr. His strange behavior saved his woman’s life, The Sun reported

Joanne Carr, 37, started having trouble breastfeeding her son Dougie McInerney as he turned 14 months old. She turned to doctor and it turned out that she had a 2-centimeter cancerous tumor in the breast milk duct. Apparently, the tumor prevented the baby from drinking milk, so he refused this breast.

"I know I wouldn't have checked if it wasn't for him [rejecting the breast]. It's remarkable when you think about it,” she said.

In March 2018, doctors were able to remove the residual cancer cells before giving her the all-clear in April.

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