Father saves his son's life donating his kidney in secret

July 15, 2019  17:40

A father saved his son's life after he donated his kidney in secret, Daily Mail reported

According to Scott Morlen, 56, he did not tell his son Lewis, 26, he had registered to become a donor because he knew he would refuse to accept his kidney.

The young man struggled with kidney problems from the age of 11, and at 17 he was diagnosed with Berger's disease (IgA nephropathy). For several years, Lewis counteracted the disease, but a year ago he developed renal failure.

Despite the serious condition, he was against the implantation of an organ from a living donor. In addition, the refusal extended to members of his family. Meanwhile, his father decided to go on the trick, and secretly from him sacrificed his kidney. The six-hour surgery took place in May, and Lewis and Scott’s health is improving. The truth about the donation Lewis learned only a month after the operation.

“I would give my life for my son. I told him, I have done what I want to do, I don't want to be burying my children and that is what would have happened,” Scott said.

Lewis is grateful to his father for the decision, and plans to start a new life. The young man works as a chef, and intends to devote more time to his job.

“Before, for the last five-to-six years I would sleep for 12 hours and then want to go back to sleep,” he said.

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