Armenian government approves free IVF program

August 8, 2019  11:53

A draft decision on free or preferential access to assisted reproductive technologies (ART) was approved during the Armenian government’s meeting on Thursday.

Infertile couples who have clear medical indicators (women aged 20-35); couples where one or both spouses are military personnel or are equated with military personnel; representatives of socially vulnerable layers (with a vulnerability score of 30.01 and higher); residents of border communities receiving additional social aid; parents who have lost their son during or after military service under appropriate circumstances (women aged up to 42) may take an advantage of the program.

To sign up, one of the spouses must have Armenian citizenship, and their marriage must be registered in the manner prescribed by law.

If a woman was recognized as the beneficiary of the program at the age of 35, this right is reserved for her until she becomes 38 years-old.

Information on rules of filing applications should be posted in a prominent place in the reception of a medical organization.

As reported earlier, the draft decision on free or preferential access to assisted reproductive technologies (ART) was removed from the agenda of Armenian Government’s meeting on July 11.

According to the Health Minister Arsen Torosyan, the budget for 2019 is planned to finance this program in the amount of 200 million drams. In the annual section, it was planned to involve 85 childless couples in IVF free program.

Meanwhile, the draft decision was criticized by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. The prime minister was particularly interested in the question of whether objective mechanisms have been developed, on the basis of which childless couples could benefit from this program.

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