Swiss scientists close to creating vaccine for allergies to cats

August 20, 2019  23:40

HypoP Swiss scientists are close to creating a cat allergy vaccine.

The Fel d 1 protein, which is found in the saliva and skin of animals, is responsible for the development of an allergic reaction to cats, The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reported.

Researchers propose to administer the drug under the commercial name HypoCat to the animals themselves. The substance consists of genetically modified Fel d 1, and helps the immune system of cats neutralize this protein.

The drug is harmless to cats. Scientists conducted four experiments involving 54 young animals. It turned out that under the influence of HypoCat in cats, the production of antibodies to Fel d 1 increases, which leads to a decrease in the concentration of this protein in the body. Moreover, the animals vaccinated did not cause allergies in people prone to allergic reactions to cats.

HypoP is also working on a HypoDog vaccine against dog allergies. Both drugs are expected to go into mass production after a series of clinical trials.

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