Why do alcoholic beverages contribute to weight gain?

August 22, 2019  20:28

The use of alcoholic beverages leads to weight gain, and the point, as it turned out, is not only that these drinks contain more calories than it might seem at first glance, but also that the body has some priorities when burning various types calories.

Doctors Zoe Harcombe and Sarah Brewer said why alcohol contributes to weight gain.

Many people do not know how much calories drinks contain and they do not imagine that drinks can be even more high-calorie than some foods.

On average, alcoholic drinks contain about seven calories per gram, and even if low-carb and sugar-free cocktails chosen, we still use the so-called ‘garbage’ calories, which do not give any nutrients to our body.

Our body does not process alcohol like other drinks by the way. That is why, if we consume some food along with alcohol, then our body primarily burns alcohol calories, and leaves the remaining calories in reserve. That is why we are getting better. Most often, these calories are deposited in the form of excess weight around the sides and abdomen.

For example, if we got 100 calories from alcohol and 100 calories from pasta, then our body will burn primarily alcohol calories, but those received from pasta will be processed into fat.

Alcohol has an effect on the production of glucagon, a hormone that is involved in sugar production and fat burning processes. The body considers alcohol to be a poison, and getting rid of this substance becomes the main priority for the liver, because of which it temporarily slows down other processes, including the processing of blood sugar.

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