Oxford University specialists learn to predict heart attack with 90% accuracy

September 5, 2019  15:14

UK scientists have found a highly accurate way to detect the first signs of a heart attack long before it occurs. Now it has become possible thanks to the use of artificial intelligence technology, the official website of Oxford University reported.

Scientists from Oxford University have created a unique technology based on artificial intelligence, which is able to identify people with an increased risk of a heart attack almost 10 years before its occurrence. The new program analyzes conventional images obtained by computed tomography (CT) of the heart. With its help, experts studied the characteristics of perivascular adipose tissue and determined the expression of genes associated with scarring, inflammation and the formation of new blood vessels.

Thus, according to experts, this algorithm will determine the risk of a heart attack in a patient nine years before it occurs. Moreover, the accuracy of such a forecast, according to the results of special clinical trials, amounted to 85-90%.

“Just because someone’s scan of their coronary artery shows there’s no narrowing, that does not mean they are safe from a heart attack,” said Charalambos Antoniades, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and BHF Senior Clinical Fellow at the University of Oxford.

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