Smoking affects quality of sleep

September 6, 2019  10:46

Smoking regular and e-cigarettes affects the quality of sleep, said a group of American scientists from Oklahoma State University.

Specialists conducted an experiment in which 1664 students took part, 29% of whom smoked regular cigarettes, 41% preferred vapes, and 30% did not smoke at all, Journal of Sleep Research reported.

It turned out that smokers and vapers experienced more sleep problems than those who did not smoke at all. Moreover, lovers of e-devices used sleeping pills most often.

According to scientists, the study is important in connection with the high popularity of vapes, especially among young people.

Since it was found that not even daily use of e-cigarettes was associated with poor sleep, this may indicate the benefit of prevention, said lead author of the study, Dr. Emma I. Brett.

According to her, the negative impact of the use of e-cigarettes on the body proves that vapes are dangerous to health.

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