Brains of left-handed people are already different in womb

September 6, 2019  22:14

Left-handed people differ from right-handed ones already at the stage of intrauterine development: their brain, according to recent studies, develops a little differently.

Researchers have identified four genetic areas that may be associated with left-handedness: perhaps these genes make the left hand the main one for a person, and not the right one. It turned out that these gene regions can also explain why left-handed people have more developed language skills. Scientists from the Oxford University have confirmed that the language zones of the right and left hemispheres of the brain communicate more coordinated with each other for left-handed people than for right-handed people.

And this suggests that left-handed people have a certain advantage when it comes to performing some kind of verbal tasks. But it must be remembered that these differences are observed only among a sufficiently large number of people, and not all left-handed people are the same.

According to statistics, 10% of the inhabitants of our planet use the left hand as the main one, while the genes are responsible for approximately 25% of such cases.

So far, scientists have not been able to reliably detect the very genes that are responsible for left-handedness, but they were able to narrow the search area in the human genome to certain areas. According to scientists, left-handedness may also be the result of brain development in the womb.

In addition, microtubules - protein intracellular structures that make up the cytoskeleton of cells or the internal structure, which accounts for the bulk of a human cell, can have left-handedness.

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